Lokada donku – Basavanna
“Why are you trying to correct the faults of the world?First try to correct your own bodies and minds; and make them fit enough to help others.Only then will we please the Lord Kudalasangama!”

Neeru Kandali-Basavanna
” O sir, wherever they see water, they dip in it .O sir, wherever they see atree, they circumambulate it.O Kudala Sangama Lord, how can they know thee.They who seek, water dries up and the withering tree?”

“God is one but his names are many.for the most faithful woman there is only one husband. If you long another God,He will chop off your nose and ears, what shall i call those who eat left over of several gods,Kudala sangama Lord?”

Balyalu bayalane bitti-Allammaprabhu
“Void sowing void, void growing void, void become void, opens out into void, O lord! void, the life, void contemplation voids become void, opens out into void, O lord! your worshippers had a;lready become void. In your faith, I too become void, O guheshwara!”

Teraniya Hulu-Akkamadevi
” Like a silk worm weaving its home in love out of its own secretion And dying enriched in its own thread Craving whatever comes to mind I burn O lord Blot out the greed of my heart and lead me towards you O Chennamallikarjuna”